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Latest update of eSports COD Mobile Game

 Latest Update of eSports COD Mobile Game.

Sebelumnya saya minta ma’af Jangan Cuma ngambil manfaat dari artikelnya,tapi KLIK juga IKLANNYA.jikaAnda merasa Artikel ini bermanfaat,tolong bantu kami dengan mengklik iklannyaya? Terimakasih ataskerjasamanya.

Latest update of eSports COD Mobile Game 1

Garena Indonesia finally released the latest update for the eSports Call of Duty (CoD) game: Mobile. Not only adding Zombie mode, there are several other features that have also been enhanced.

For the Zombie mode itself, half-corpse creatures will continue to appear on each wave in the latest mode of Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile. To defeat him, players are required to cooperate with three other friends.

Then, Garena also presents a new map called Summit in multiplayer mode. This snowy map is an iconic map that has often been played by previous Call of Duty game lovers.

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In addition to adding new modes to the CoD Mobile game, Garena also adds new features and optimizes existing features so that it adds to the Soldiers playing experience.

The new EXP Bonus feature allows players to receive additional exp when playing with friends. Players also make it easy to meet balanced opponents, receive a fairer scoring system, and get matches faster.

Please note, all players' ranks in the previous season will be reset today, Monday (11/25/19). So, don't forget to update the CoD: Mobile game for each player.

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Finally, Garena also released a new Alex Mason character that players can have through Premium Pass Season 2.

Players of Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile will also get various in-game items shades of snow ranging from AK-47 Glacier, Arctic.50 Glacier, ATV-Alaska vehicle skins and Backpack - Aurora

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