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How to Delete All Photos On Instagram At Once.

 How to Delete All Photos On Instagram At Once.

How to Delete All Photos On Instagram At Once..

Previously, I apologize. Don't just take advantage of the article, but KIK also ADVERTISES. If you feel this article is useful, please help us by clicking on the ad? Thank you for your cooperation.You might be familiar with Instagram. Social media is widely used by people to upload photos, videos and more. Apart from this there are still many cool features that you can try on Instagram, starting from: Camera filters, Live, Sticker, Gif and others.

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                                                     How to Delete All Photos On Instagram At Once.

However, because it is too cool to use Instagram you are not aware that the photo you are posting is not a good photo, want it in terms of quality, caption and others. If seen the photo is inappropriate to display.

For that you need to delete the photos that you think are not good and interesting, in the Instagram application itself for how to delete photos is very easy. But it must be done manually or one by one.

Of course this is very troublesome, if the number of photos to be deleted is very much. Take it easy! on this occasion we will discuss, how to delete all photos on Instagram very easily and all at once.

How to delete all instagram photo posts

If you pay attention through the Instagram application, you can still delete photos or videos that you have posted. But this must be done one by one, because indeed the feature to delete photos at once is not provided.

As an alternative, you can use 3rd party applications. This application will help you to delete all photos at once with a short time.

If interested, please refer to the following explanation:

Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete

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 Menawarkan pembelian dalam aplikasi
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Of the many applications, Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow is one of the recommended applications. This application has a lightweight size and simple appearance, making it easy to use.

Besides being able to delete photos, using this application will allow you to delete followers at once and do unfollow.

Here is the tutorial on using Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow to delete all photos on Instagram:

1.First, make sure you have installed the Cleaner forInstagram Unfollow application, if not, please install it first through the Play store

2.If the install process is complete, then open the application by pressing the cleaner icon that appears on the screen

3.On the first page of the application, you will be asked to login first using your Instagram account

4.If the login is successful, then you will enter the main menu. Please select the post menu at the bottom

5.Next, please select the post that you want to delete permanently, please note that if there are restrictions on posts, then you are required to upgrade the application to Pro so that you can delete unlimited posts or all at once

6.If the post has been selected, now continue by pressing the DELETE button in the upper right

7.A new notification window will appear to confirm, just press OK to continue the deletion

8.Finally you just need to wait for the removal process to finish. The duration of the process depends on how many photos you will delete.

8.If the deletion process is complete, some information will appear, such as: Total photos selected, photos successfully deleted and photos that failed to delete

Compared to deleting photos manually or one by one in the Instagram application, the above method can be used as an alternative to make it easier for you to delete photos at once.

To get better features from the Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow application you can upgrade to the pro version.

That was the tutorial How to Delete All Photos On Instagram At Once..
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