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WhatsApp's Latest Features

                                                             WhatsApp's Latest Features

 WhatsApp's Latest Features.
WHATSAPP is constantly getting new features, and 2020 is set to bring some really useful tricks to the app.

It seems all certain that you'll find Dark Mode, plus a new feature that will expose fake "catfish" contacts trying to trick you.
WhatsApp Dark Mode.
 A tool that is expected to launch in the coming months reverses the colors of your screen to create a darker theme for messaging in dark.

 The developers hope that the changes, which you can enable or disable, will reduce the strain on your eyes after a lot of time.

And if the latest rumors are to be believed, dark mode will also help you use up every minute of your battery life.  

Dark mode has a black background with white textCredit: WABetaInfo
You'll have the option to link it to your phone's Battery Saver mode, reports WABetaInfo.
The site has an impressive track record for WhatsApp leaks, regularly digging into app code to uncover new features.

 In Dark Mode, WhatsApp has a black background with white text on it.

The regular look version is the opposite of this with a white background creating a lot of light.

 The highly anticipated feature is expected to improve the user experience and reduce battery consumption.

This feature has previously been seen in several beta versions of the iOS and Android apps.
It's important to note that the newly discovered Battery Saver option will only work if your phone has an OLED display.

WhatsApp catfish-exposing 'reverse image search.
Catfishing could be a thing of the past as WhatsApp reportedly built a reverse image search capability for the app.
The new 'Search by Image' feature is not yet available as it is still being tested, but people who sign up to become WhatsApp beta testers will eventually be able to access it.
This feature allows users to click on an image sent via WhatsApp and search for it on Google to verify the source.
This can help reduce the spread of fake news and make it harder for people to trick others by using images that are not theirs.
WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.73 is said to be a version of the messaging tool that is being tested for its ability to perform reverse Google image searches directly from the app.
This application uses Google Custom Search to provide search engine capabilities.
WhatsApp messages are self-destructive.
WhatsApp has also built a feature that grungy cheating lovers are sure to enjoy - self-destructive messaging.  
This app is testing a new message type that automatically deletes itself to stop snooping from your chats.  
First created by Snapchat and then "revoked" by Instagram, automatic deletion posts allow users to set a time limit for how long their messages are displayed.  
This helps keep your chats completely private, because your conversations are hidden even if someone knows the passcode to your phone.  
WhatsApp is now testing its own version on Android, according to a trusted leaker at WAbetaInfo.  
The site crawls the initial version of WhatsApp code to find features that are coming before.  
While not currently available to everyone, WhatsApp is testing the feature on a small group of users. It will likely roll out to everyone at a later date.  
The new tool was called "Missing message" when it first appeared, according to WABetaInfo.
That was the WhatsApp Latest Features tutorial, hopefully it's useful.

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