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5 Best Tapping Applications for Android Phones

               5 Best Tapping Applications for Android Phones

Android Mobile Phone Tapping Application - Using an Android phone tapping application is an activity that harms others. One indication that someone wants to tap is the emergence of suspicion about something.

Maybe you might be suspicious of your girlfriend's unusual activity or covering up something. So you want to tap your girlfriend's cellphone without getting caught.
Well, here are the recommendations for tapping Android phones that you can download for free without root to spy on your girlfriend.

With the following list of tapping applications you can monitor the log of what activities he does. Like open whatsapp, facebook, line, twitter, instagram and other social media ...

1. AndroRAT

5 Android Phone Tapping Application 3


AndroRAT is an application that can run on the Android operating system. This application aims so that you can control the victim's cellphone remotely and see any information.

In the AndroRAT application you will be able to see contact information, call logs, messages and the location of the victim's cell phone at that time.

For the advantages of this AirDroid application that is you can control the Victim's HP remotely and control the Victim's Camera.

2. WhatsDog

Peek at the time your contact is connected to WhatsApp

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Often your boyfriend suddenly erases whatsapp's message history? By using the WhatsDog application, you can now monitor your mobile activities.

You can still monitor even though the contact you have tapped has activated the online status hide feature in WhatsApp.

3. The Truth Spy

5 Android Phone Tapping Application 4

ThetruthSpy is the phone spy app that is a perfectly spying tool that is created for spying the activity of a person on cell phone

Try It Now or View All Feature

If you use the Truth Spy application, you can now secretly record all activities on other people's Android phones.

You only need to install the Truth Spy application on the victim's android phone. Then register the cellphone on the TheTruthSpy page so you can monitor the victim's cellphone.

4. Couple Track

5 Android Phone Tapping Application 5

Couple Tracker

11.0 for Android

 Just as the name suggests, this one Android phone bugging application you can use to monitor your girlfriend's cellphone.

 Another plus is that you can also track locations, delete calls, and delete messages secretly without being noticed.

5. .AirDroid

5 Android Phone Tapping Application 6


By using the AirDroid application you can tap other people's Android phones. As well as being able to find out phone history, text content to messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Line

That was the tutorial 5 Android Phone Tapping Application.

Hopefully useful .Thank you. If it is useful for you, please help and don't forget to click on the ad, huh?

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