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How to Set up WhatsApp Automatic Replies on iPhone & Android When You Are Busy

How to Set up WhatsApp Automatic Replies on iPhone & Android When You Are Busy

WhatsApp is now able to make video calls with 50 people at once. You do this by using WhatsApp Web and Messenger Rooms.
Messenger Rooms is a service from Facebook that allows users to make video calls for up to 50 people for free with no time limit.
Rooms can be created directly from Messenger or Facebook and give you the ability to share a link to invite anyone to join, even if they don't have a Facebook account.
Now the integration between Messenger Rooms and WhatsApp Web is complete. So if you want a video call with 50 people you will use Messenger Rooms but activate it via WhatsApp Web. You no longer need to move to other applications, just via WhatsApp Web.

Here's an easy way to video call up to 50 people on WhatsApp Web by using Messenger Rooms:
1. We have to make sure WhatsApp Web is using the latest version. 
2. Select friends or groups to invite the video call. Open the chat.  
3. Click the clip icon at the top right of WhatsApp Web. 
4. Select the camera image or Room at the bottom click and you will be redirected to Messenger. But  you       have to log into your Facebook account. 
5. Next, there will be a special link to be copied in order to invite other users who when clicked will immediately join the video messenger. 
Previously, a WhatsApp spokesperson said this video call was different from Zoom or Google Meet which scheduled a meeting at a certain time. Messenger Rooms are like rooms where friends can stop by and chat when they have time. Similar to a lounge rather than a meeting room, as quoted from TechRadar, Monday (24/8/2020).
Messenger Rooms Manager Tiffany Dohzen said they made sure Messenger Rooms conversations would be very safe to use. Rooms Creators can lock conversation rooms, remove wrong users from Rooms, and if that person has been blocked on Facebook they will not be able to join Rooms.
"We've also added a lot of collaborative features, cool effects to the mobile app, and new ones like lighting and backgrounds. The backgrounds are really cool. Some are animated, you can move them around," he said.

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