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How to Get Grenades in PUBG Mobile.

                      How to Get Grenades in PUBG Mobile



How to Find Grenades in PUBG Mobile Training. Learn How to Use Grenades in PUBG Mobile.
In PUBG Mobile, there is a Traning mode for all players to join in and test whatever they want on PUBG Mobile without dying. All weapons, attachments, ammunition, vehicles are available in this mode with an unlimited amount, allowing you to practice your skills constantly or just have fun.
                      can do anything in training mode on PUBG Mobile  
Where to Find Grenades in PUBG Mobile Training?
When entering the mode, you can easily see all kinds of weapons, attachments, items around you on the racket. The table in front of you will have ammunition of all types and scopes. On the right side, you'll find all kinds of backpacks, attachments, and weapons. There is a large area on your right where you can find all kinds of vehicles, including the lake by boat.
                                       How to find smoke grenades at training camp in pubg mobile
But you won't find grenades in PUBG Mobile's training mode in these places and many players are confused, thinking that there are no grenades in Training mode. Actually there are grenades in PUBG Mobile Training mode but somehow it is placed in an odd place that causes people to ignore it. They are placed in the center of the shooting range at 2 small tables. You will find all kinds of grenades in PUBG Mobile here, including Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Stun Grenades, Molotov.
You can find grenades in PUBG Mobile training mode in the middle of the shooting range
However, don't spam the PUBG Mobile Stun Grenade training because it will disturb other players.
PUBG Mobile Grenade Guide
Grenades are powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile that are often ignored by many people. People think that grenades are weak because they don't know how to use them properly and often miss their targets. But once you know how to use it properly, it will be one of the best things to have on PUBG Mobile. You will be able to kill other players without line of sight or save yourself and your teammates in dire situations
                                           PUBG mechanics - Throwable
There are a total of 4 types of grenades in PUBG Mobile. Here's a quick rundown of what each type of grenade does in PUBG Mobile:
1.Frag Grenade: Frag Grenade explodes and deals massive damage to all players within a few meters. This is the best weapon when you want to push enemies into buildings. They will be forced to stay away or die. It is also a useful tool to finish off fallen players. Frag Grenade explodes after 5 seconds.
                                           The Frag Grenade will explode after 5 seconds  
2.Smoke Grenade: The Smoke Grenade creates a large smoke cloud that lasts for 1 minute and prevents players from seeing through. This is a must-have item in Squad mode because of its great utility. You can use it to save your team, escape, flank, get into the circle, ... Smoke Grenades start releasing smoke after 3 seconds.
The Smoke Grenade starts emitting smoke after 3 seconds

3.Molotov: Molotov explodes on impact and spreads fire which inflicts damage over time to players in an area. Even though Molotov is not as good as Frag Grenade, it still has the same objective of forcing other players to stay away or die.
4.Stun Grenade: Stun Grenade can deactivate the player's sight and hearing ability for a short time. This is the most useless grenade of all but it can still come in handy when you are fighting inside a building and you know where the enemy is.
How to throw grenades in PUBG Mobile
When you are about to throw a grenade, the game will show you the trajectory. You can use this trajectory to throw grenades accurately at windows, small gaps at close range. When the target is some distance away, you will want to aim slightly upwards depending on the distance to hit it.
To throw grenades further, you can jump and then throw at the top of your jump. The angle of your grenade is also very important. To throw the farthest, you need to throw at a 45 degree angle. The best way to practice grenade throwing is to try throwing grenades in PUBG Mobile training mode at different distances and places to gain more experience.
                                 45 degrees will allow you to throw the grenade the farthest  
Here are some additional tips for making use of grenades more efficiently:
1. You can cook the Frag Grenade for a few seconds before throwing it so the enemy can't react and run away, but don't overcook it.
2.Frag Grenades can bounce off walls and objects so you can use this fact to take advantage of them.
3.Molotov can be thrown through wooden doors and will spread larger over wooden floors.
4.You can shoot flying Molotovs to blow them up in the air.
5. If the enemy is near you, you can change the throw down to throw them softly.
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