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How to Remove Ads from Chrom

How to Remove Ads from Chrom Android?. Sebelumnya saya minta ma’af Jangan Cuma ngambil manfaat dari artikelnya,tapi KLIK juga IKLANNYA.jika Anda merasa Artikel ini bermanfaat,tolong bantu kami dengan mengklik iklannya ya?Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya.
How to Remove Ads from Chrom Android? 1

 If you frequently use the internet for browsing websites, then you are familiar with advertising.

There are many types of advertisements that we usually encounter, such as advertisements which are usually in the form of banners or pop up ads.

These advertisements are commonly used by website owners to get income from these websites. Of course this is open to be a problem.

But the problem is the appearance of ads that are too annoying and too much, sometimes these ads can cover the screen of your cell phone, especially with the type of pop up ads.

When viewed, the ads that appear do not have the option to be removed, even though some are temporary. If you feel disturbed by these ads you can eliminate them, especially for chrome browser users. There are several options in Google Chrome that can help you to get rid of these ads, if interested please refer to the following discussion.

How to get rid of ads on the Android Chrome browser

How to Remove Ads from Chrom Android? 2

If you feel disturbed by ads that appear on a website when using the Google Chrome browser or pop up ads that suddenly appear you can turn it off in several ways.

Unlike the Google Chrome browser that we usually use on computers or laptops that support extension facilities, the existing Chrome browser on smartphones cannot use extensions.

So some extensions that function to block ads cannot be used. But as an alternative you can disable notifications to disable javascript, like the following tutorial.

  • First, please open the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone
  • Next enter the settings menu, how to click the dot icon on the top right, then select settings
  • On the settings page you can find the Pop-ups and redirects menu, usually this menu is at the bottom, so please scroll. Select the menu and deactivate it by moving the slider to gray. By doing this there will be no pop up ads that suddenly appear from Google Chrome
  • Then go back to the chrome settings page and look for the Ads option. After selecting the Ads menu, please also disable it by moving the slider to gray
  • Then still in the settings section, please look for the JavaScript menu, you can also disable this menu. But you need to know, almost all websites now use javascript for a more optimal and dynamic display, including for displaying ads, if you deactivate JavaScript in some websites you visit, you will experience some problems, especially display, so this option is optional.

From some of the steps above you have successfully removed the ads from Google Chrome, began to deactivate the notification and pop up functions, then deactivate the ads feature and finally optionally to deactivate javascript.

From some ads on chrome, pop ups include advertisements that often appear. This is caused when you open a website and a notification message appears.

You press allow or allow, therefore the website has access to display advertisements in the form of a new window that opens.

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That's How to Remove Ads from Chrom Android?. Some ads that appear mainly with this type of pop up usually display bad content, even these ads can automatically download files that you don't want.

Therefore, the above options you can use to maintain your security while using the Google Chrome browser for the internet.

Hopefully useful? Thank you. If it is useful for you, please help by clicking on the ads?

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