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How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo.How to display subtitles on OPPO
Displaying subtitles on HP OPPO - On this occasion I found another useful gap for oppo users. I use the latest version of OPPO A7. Maybe my friend there can adjust. Showing film subtitles in every video watching is a must when watching films in foreign languages.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 1

We as oppo and vivo users still benefit from this translator feature. I also just realized that there is a very useful feature. Because of me

a little confused when using hp oppo. Likewise with this subtitle feature, I feel it's not important. But instead these features are important when you watch videos, subtitles will automatically appear automatically.

You can enter subtitles on any mobile phone. For example oppo a37, a37f, f5, f8, a71, a7, f3, a57 and so on.

The subtitle settings on the hp oppo are the same. But the difference is the appearance of each new cell phone must be changed in such a way. In order to summarize each menu so that it does not fall apart again.

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Talking about the subtitle display function on this hp oppo, maybe I will only talk a little. I feel that the function is just that, friend.

The name of the subtitle is the main function, yes, to display writing in the form of translations of the language spoken by the role in the video.

If you see a video from America, it is definitely the role of saying typical English there. Well you certainly won't know that there is this translator feature on your Oppo smartphone.

This subtitle can be found in your mobile settings. Not many people know maybe, I just yesterday night knew the location of this feature.

Below I will share my experience in activating subtitles or subtitles text on Android. It will not be long before I will convey the tutorial below.

How to Display Translator Texts in the Latest OPPO

Not many know anyway, that on an old cellphone it might only need adjustments. But keep in mind, that different cell phones will have different menu menus.

I only have a hp oppo a7 and oppo a37f. It might help you if you use one of the ones I mentioned above.
They are complaining about "Sis, why don't we have a menu like that on this cellphone?" I answer the aladadarnya just because I do not have the cellphone then adjust it. If there is no menu, maybe just wait for someone else to give the tutorial.

In this review I also do not limit your opinion. But keep in mind I only have a hp oppo a7 and a37f. Maybe it still works if you have twin mobile phones, like a5s and a37. Maybe I give this first way for the hp oppo a7 and its twin ie a5s.

How to display film translator subtitles on OPPO A7

Below I will display text and images to clarify my explanation.

If you are unclear, you can ask, friend. This first way I take the hp oppo a7, because it's my main cellphone. Here's a tutorial on how to show subtitles on automatic films.

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First, prepare your hp oppo a7, if it is still turned off on the screen and smartphone please turn it on first.

Second, I just point you to Settings on the smartphone. See the image below to go to the settings options.

You can also swipe down to display the HP UI system to show the settings menu as well.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 2

Third, shortly after pressing the settings menu, a new display will appear. Here you can simply scroll down to find a new menu. The menu is called Additional Settings.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 3

Fourth, in the menu you will be shown several options. Don't be confused just swipe down to find other menus. The menu is called Obstruction Free

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 4

Fifth in displaying subtitles is, in the obstacle free menu will appear brand-new display again. Swipe down until you find a new menu. The menu is Subtitles.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 5

Sixth, in this subtitle menu you can simply press the button on the right side that says Activate Service until it turns green, bro.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 6

Information about the menu below you can see below.

1. Language: In this menu you can choose the language according to your ability. If you want an             Indonesian translation just leave it default. Because your default system is Indonesian. If not,               please select the menu and look for an Indonesian translator
2. Text Size: In this menu you can change the text size as you wish. If the text size is not big enough        you can change it to large or very large options. If you want small, then you can choose small or          very small. If you don't want to be complicated, just leave the default.
3. Subtitle Style: In this menu you can change the color and background of the subtitles. But my             advice should only use the default style.

But it is unfortunate if using this service there are disadvantages. These weaknesses do not interfere with the stability and performance of Android OPPO Performance. But it disturbs our view, because the accessibility text will appear in the upper right corner of the screen in the UI system.

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Now that's the way to activate subtitles in oppo a7. Next I will give a tutorial on displaying translator texts on the hp oppo a37 and a37f. Because the two cellphones are the same, so you just need to adjust what I explained and the information in the picture.

How to Display Movie Subtitles on Oppo A37f

Very lucky if you use the a37f oppo because there is already a twin that is a37. So you should refer to this tutorial because it is not far from our discussion in the first step using the a7 cellphone earlier. Below I will give a tutorial on how to show subtitles on Android OPPO A37 and A37F.

I will explain briefly because the old Oppo users must already know the settings menu right. Okay, just open the settings menu, then continue to the next step.

The next step is to enter the Additional Settings and then look for a menu called Acceleration.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 7

When pressing the menu you are faced with being told to enter random letters so that you agree with the rules of the oppo itself. After inputting please click OK to continue.

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Then just enter the subtitle menu and then activate the service with the button until it turns green. If the war has changed then it is already active and there is information like the previous tutorial. So I will not explain about the information displaying the subtitles.

How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo 8

If it is activated, please try it out if it works or not. If that doesn't work, the oppo system is having problems with the video again.

There is also a video that can not be found subtitles. But no need to worry, please try it first, friend.

Thus my brief review of how to display subtitles or subtitles translator film on hp oppo. That way oppo users feel they are benefited because if they find foreign language videos, they will not be bothered anymore.

That was the tutorial How to Insert Subtitles to the Video on the Oppo

Hopefully useful,thanks.Don't forget to click on the ad too.

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