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How to Find a Personal Safe on The Oppo Phone

How to Find a Personal Safe on The Oppo Phone.Complete Tips and Tricks on How to Use Personal Safes on OPPO Smartphones
User privacy has become a priority for some technology companies. Therefore, now many companies are starting to build special features related to the privacy of its users.

How to Find a Personal Safe on The Oppo Phone 1

OPPO is one of them. The Chinese company even added some special features related to privacy to its smartphones, such as the Personal Safe feature.

For those who don't know, Personal Safe is a security feature that can be used by users to hide personal files, such as photos, videos, sound recordings, songs, documents, and others, so they cannot be easily accessed by others.

By using this feature, personal files will automatically disappear from the usual file opening view, be it the Gallery application, File Manager, and so on. Therefore, other people will not even know that the personal file is in the device.

This Personal Safe feature can be found on a variety of smartphones made by OPPO, including OPPO A3s which launch silently. Users can also use this personal security feature very easily.

How to Activate the Personal Safe Feature on the OPPO Smartphone

1. Enter the Settings in the OPPO Smartphone
2. Scroll down, find and select the Security option
3. From the Security page, select the Personal Safe menu
4. Next, you will be asked to set a Password and a Security Question
5. When finished setting it, then click the Finish button

After successfully activating the Personal Safe feature on the OPPO smartphone, you can then choose the personal files that will be hidden in the secret safe.

How to hide files to OPPO personal safe

To hide private files in OPPO Private Safes, you can enter them and then choose the file types to hide. To make it easier to understand, we will give examples of how to hide photos or videos.

To hide photos or videos, you can select the Photos option from the Personal Safe page. Next, from the Personal Photos page, select the Import Photos button located at the bottom.

Then select the photo you want to hide, then click the Finish button when you have finished selecting it. Oh yes, in this case you can choose more than one photo.

For other file types can be done more or less the same way. You just need to choose the right option from the Personal Safe page to hide it.

In addition, especially for Photos, you can also add personal photos through the Gallery. How, from the gallery page select a photo, then select the Add option, then select Personal Safe.

How to open and view OPPO personal safe

To open an OPPO Personal Safe you can do it the same way you activated it. You can access the page through Settings, then Security, and Personal Safe. Then you only need to enter the passcode.

But if you don't want to bother, you can also create a shortcut icon to the smartphone home page. For this, you can press the settings icon located in the upper right corner of the Personal Safe page. Then next, you can activate the Home Screen Shortcut option.

How to Change OPPO's Personal Safe Password

To change the passcode, enter the smartphone Settings page, then select the Face and Passcode options. Next, select the Privacy Password. From the page displayed, then select Change Personal Password.

That was the tutorial How to Find a Personal Safe on The Oppo Phone.

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