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How to Delete Likes on Instagram


How to Delete Like Instagram, still not many people know what steps to take so that the notification of likes that we gave previously did not appear in their activities. Instagram is a social media whose activities are now more complete than posting photos and videos. The company that has been bought by Facebook has now innovated its appearance to be more interesting, such as insta stories, live stories, and other interesting activities. There is no doubt that the prospect of social media is becoming brighter in the future. One of them is proven by almost looking for 500 thousands of companies both products and services that advertise on Instagram. Instagram reaches all groups ranging from young people, domestic and foreign artists, politicians, to ordinary people who are also not left behind. Everyone has the desire and desire to share their photos and videos so they can be seen by other users.

How to delete Likes on Instagram 1

Quite a lot of features offered by social media whose monthly active users reach around 600 million accounts. One feature that is quite interesting is the like feature which is equipped with how to delete instagram. All activities carried out by users must be well known including giving likes or signs of love to posts from other people we follow alias followers. When users like posts shared by other users, they can show by pressing the button or the symbol of love. More and more likes can be found, proving that many users like the posts contained in our account that can be utilized for businesses such as sales. As an active user, you can also give likes to accounts that you find attractive and you like freely. After you give a like, the notification that you do automatically appears in the following menu where this menu can display who your followers follow, to whom the brand gives likes to both photos and videos, and also the activity when you cancel or delete a like.

Sometimes accidentally when activating Instagram, likes that we do not want to appear on their activities, so for those of you who initially do not want any notification, you must cancel the likes. But sometimes after giving the love symbol we want to withdraw the likes that we gave before. Not all instagram users know how to delete instagram likes. Someone deleted it but the notification still appears. For those of you who are new users or don't know the function and usefulness of the existing features, it might be confusing to delete these likes. To add to the experience that can be obtained by users, Instagram also adds other features for the platform such as the option to disable comments on stories and the option to give likes to comments on posts.

Steps You Can Take

How to do to delete likes on Instagram is quite easy. Here are the steps:

1. Click the Settings menu located at the top of the account page
2. Select and click on the "People and Others Page" Options menu in the left hand column
3. Select the username you want to delete, like
4. Press the "Remove From Page Likes" button
5. The last thing you just need to confirm is deletion

Some Things You Need to Know

1. Some time after you double tap on the love sign on a photo that you previously liked, the                    notification of likes that should appear on other people's activities will automatically disappear.
2. If you are currently activating Instagram and accidentally like someone's photo and then don't like       it, it will automatically still appear as a notification if that person turns on the notification feature.
3. The photo that you initially disliked liked and then you pressed the love button again, then the             person who sent it only got a one-time notification that was on the last likes you did. But if they         turn on automatic notifications, notifications will still appear for the last dislikes and automatic           notifications for the initial likes.

After reading this article, you can apply it and you have a good understanding of how to delete instagram.

UPDATE Yaaaaaa !!!!

Ignore the previous steps, try to look at the picture below,

How to Delete Likes on Instagram 2

Steps to delete likes,

1. As in the first arrow step, open our own Instagram page and select settings, the mobile application       looks like a dot overlapping.
2. The next step is to scroll to the "ACCOUNT" section, you will see "Post You've Likes", select it         and will go to the 3rd arrow step
3. Then a page will appear containing a list of images that you like, select one of the images you want     to delete.
4. Then you will be taken to a page that you like, and later you will see a picture of a heart that lights       up like the picture directed at arrow number 4. To delete, please press the colored heart picture.

That was the tutorial How to Delete Likes on Instagram.

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