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Rarely Known, 12 of The Following Features on WhatsApp Are Very Useful for Users

Rarely Known, 12 of The Following Features on WhatsApp Are Very Useful for Users Rarely known, 12 of the following features on WhatsApp are very useful for users
Most people rarely use or use certain features of WhatsApp, because they don't feel important, or don't know their functions.
TRIBUN-MEDAN.com - WhatsApp has many features with various benefits to make it easier for users.

Rarely Known, 12 of The Following Features on WhatsApp Are Very Useful for Users 1

However, most people rarely use or use certain features of WhatsApp, because they don't feel important, or don't know their functions.
The following, a row of WhatsApp features that are rarely known to people when it is very useful, quoted from guidingtech:

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1. Doodle on the photo before sending it
    Before sending a photo to the recipient, the sender can doodle it first.
    There are instant tools available there, there are also cute stickers that increasingly make the photos     more varied.
2. Archiving conversations
    These messages are not deleted, nor are they included in the backup.
    To archive chat, press and hold the conversation and click the Archive icon at the top right.
    Hidden messages or archived messages can be seen by scrolling to the end of the conversation list.

3. Using the same WhatsApp account on two mobile phones
With WhatsApp web, users can use the same account on two different Android devices as long as the main phone is connected to the internet.

To do this trick, open WhatsApp Web on Chrome on the second mobile and click Request Desktop Site from the menu.
After that, scan the QR code and you can start using WhatsApp.
In addition, desktop notifications can be activated in Chrome to launch conversations.

4. Use two different WhatsApp accounts on one handphone

If method number 3 is to use one WhatsApp number on two different devices, what is the opposite?

How do you use two different WhatsApp numbers on one device?

The solution is to use the Parallel Space application.
With Parallel Space, you can dock any application on your mobile and run it in the "sandbox".
This way, the WhatsApp clone will not share data with the original WhatsApp.

Setting different notifications can help us to make special one or two of our WhatsApp contacts.
By installing a different ringtone, we can know who sent the message and immediately reply.
To activate it, not someone's contact profile that we will make a different notification.

Click Custom Notification and select the desired ringtone and vibration pattern.

6. Hide message preview notifications
    Sometimes, intimate messages sent by partners can be embarrassing if seen by friends.
    The best solution is to use the "hide sensitive content" feature.
    This feature will still tell you there is a new message, but hide it from the lock screen.
    To activate it, click Settings Settings—> Apps—> WhatsApp—> Notifications and activate the           Hide Sensitive Content option.

7. Cite one particular chat when replying to a message
    The previous version of WhatsApp only displays messages in a row without being able to                    specifically which message we want to respond to.

Now with the "quote" or "quote text" feature, we can respond to which specific message we want to reply.

There will be no more misunderstandings.

To use it, just click the left arrow icon on the message we want to respond to as the following example:

8. Tag someone in a group conversation
     Another useful feature is the choice to tag or mention someone in a group chat.
     We all have certain groups that we disable notifications.
     If someone is talking about us, we certainly won't know.
    Tagging someone with an "@" in the chat group will bring a notification to that person even if he       chooses "mute" mode in his group.
    In addition, this feature helps you specifically show who you are talking to.

9. Know who has read our message in the group

When we send a message to someone, there will be a check mark 1, check 2, and check 2 blue as the message sign has been read (if this feature is activated).

But what about messages in groups?

The three signs do not apply because each group member must have read and some have not.

To find out who has read the message in the group, press and hold the message you sent, and click the Message Info icon.
Then it will be seen who has read your message, along with what time they see it.

10. Make group invitation links publicly

This feature is very helpful for Whatsapp group admins.
Previously, if you would add someone in the group, the admin must save their hanpdhone number first, then add it one by one.
But this time, the admin can create a public link to add prospective members to the group.
Admin only needs to press "Invite to group via link" and share it with prospective new group members.

11. Change the font

There are 3 types of fonts that can be used in WhatsApp.

The three fonts are to make the text thick, italic, and middle crossed.
To make writing thick, add * before and after words or sentences.

For slashes, replace * with _.
As for the middle stroke, use the ~ sign in the same way.
You can combine all three signs to make the writing you want.

12. Send GIF

If you only send gifs that already exist or forward from other chats, now you can make your own gif.
WhatsApp has a feature to instantly convert videos to GIF.

To send a video as a GIF, cut the video into 6 seconds or less using the existing cropping tool.
A small video icon will appear in the upper right corner, click on that section to change it to a GIF form.

That was the tutorial Rarely Known, 12 of The Following Features on WhatsApp Are Very Useful for Users.
Hopefully useful? thanks.

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