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How Do You go Live on Tik Tok

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok.Tutorial How to Use the Tik Tok Application on Android Want to make a cool video? You don't need to use a PC / laptop to be able to have current videos. Because, now there are so many video editing applications that you can use on Android, for example the TikTok application that we will discuss this time. Tik Tok is an application for making and editing video hits among today's young people. This is an application where you have to record video before you can edit it by giving interesting effects. Lots of features and effects offered by the Tik Tok application. For the duration of the video, Tik Tok allows you to make a video with a period of approximately 30 seconds. Curious to try the application? First read the guide
how to use the following Tik Tok application!

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How to Download Tik Tok

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 2

Before you know how to use the Tik Tok application, of course you must have the Tik Tok application first. Take it easy, Tik Tok is a free application that can be downloaded on Google PlayStore. How to download it is very easy, following the steps:

1. Enter the PlayStore application.
2. Then, search in the search engine by typing Tik Tok.
3. Then, install the application.

 It's easy right? Well, but if you find it difficult to have to follow the three steps above, you can immediately click here to get the Tik Tok application. Then you can immediately click Install.

Log in Tik Tok Account

Already have the Tik Tok application? Now, you must enter or Log in the Tik Tok application account first. Why? If you don't log in, then you might find it difficult to save the recordings and edit the video on Tik Tok. Also, any results of the videos you make will be automatically saved in your draft Tok Tok account. Here's how to log in the Tik Tok application:

1. Enter the Tik Tok application that you downloaded earlier.
2. Then you can immediately click the People symbol in the lower right corner.

3. Then, you can log in with an FB, Instagram or Google account. Just choose one of them.
 That's how to log in to Tok Tok, easy and simple, right?

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How to Record Videos

The most important thing is before editing a small video, you must record the video first. You can do the following Tik Tok application using the steps below:

1. Enter the Tik Tok application that was downloaded.
2. To record videos, you can directly click the plus () symbol in the middle.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 5

3. Then, you can directly select the desired genre of music. A little information that you can choose           any genre of song, because Tik Tok has a fairly complete list of songs starting from local songs,           Korean, and western. Click more to get various other genres of songs.
4. After you specify the genre or song category you want, automatically Tok Tok will display all the        song lists. Here we tried to choose the KPOP category and chose the song GOT7 - If You Do.               Well, then we click on the song. After that, click confirm to use and begin shooting.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 6

5. You can also choose the type of video movement between epic, slow, normal, fast, or flash, just        click on one of them.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 7

6. Want to add funny and adorable effects? You can click effects on the left side.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 8

7. If you have clicked on effects, then automatically Tok Tok will display various effects that you can .    download first. Just click on the desired effect and automatically the effect will be applied to the          video.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 9

8. Well, if you already feel complete and match all the effects, then just record the video. You can click HOLD. But if you feel bothered to keep pressing hold, then you can move it on the Tap shooting section, so you only need one click to record a video. It's easy, right?

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How to Edit Recorded Videos.

Well, when you finish recording a video, it's not complete if you haven't edited it. To edit it is very easy and simple. Next you can follow a number of ways here:

1. After finishing recording, several options will be displayed automatically. You can save the record directly or you want to edit the recording first. Well, to edit it, Tik Tok prepares three edit features, namely editing music, sound, and special effects. 

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok10

2. Starting from editing songs, then you can immediately click edit music. This feature is only for selecting song sections, how to move the yellow symbol to the right and left. If you have selected the part of the song you want, then you can immediately click the checklist in the pink box.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 11

3. To edit sound, you can immediately click Sound. With this feature, you can determine how much volume is for the original soundtrack and soundtrack. You can shift each white circle to determine its volume. After that, you can click the checklist.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 12

4. Already with music and sound, it's time for you to add interesting effects to videos.How, you can click on the special effects feature. Well, in the Filter Effects section, you can choose a variety of effects such as shake, illusion, black magic and others, select and click one of them.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 13

5. After finishing with Filter Effects, you can edit Time Effects. For this time effect it is to give             effect to the duration of a particular video. Click one of the effects, then adjust the effect of the           effect by sliding the green circle in the duration of the video. If it is enough, you can immediately      click save in the upper right corner.
6. Now, you can save the results by clicking draft.
7. However, if you want to upload directly to social media then click on the post.

Please note that every video that has been recorded and posted will only appear in the Tik Tok application. So, your video recordings will not be stored in the mobile gallery.

How to View Recorded Videos in Tok Tok 

Don't want to make or edit videos? Well, you can also watch the video edits of other Tik Tok users. The method is very easy, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter the Tik Tok application and directly select symbols such as planets.

How Do You go Live on Tik Tok 14

2. Then, Tik Tok will display all the videos by other people. Well, Tik Tok also displays every popular video. You can click one or scroll down to find the video you want to watch. Easy and fun, huh?

That's how to use the Tik Tok application easily and simply. You can always exist in a creative way with this Tik Tok application. Are you interested in trying it?
That was the tutorial How Do You go Live on Tik Tok.
Hopefully useful? thanks.

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