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Easy Way Without Being Found! Read Messages Facebook and WhatsApp Secretly!

Easy Way Without Being Found! Read Messages Facebook and WhatsApp Secretly!.Without being caught! This is the Easy Way to Read Messages Facebook and WhatsApp Secretly!

How to Read Facebook and WhatsApp Secretly

Eratekno.com - As time goes by, now all activities can be done easily using only an electronic device such as a Smartphone. Especially now that many applications have appeared that can help users complete daily activities, such as finding or sharing information, communicating and others.
Applications that are popular and popular with many people today are WhatsApp and Facebook (Messenger), where both of these applications make it easy for everyone to stay connected with friends, relatives and other users in the distance. In addition to having its own advantages, the two applications certainly have a number of disadvantages, one of which is the message sender can find out when the message has been read.

WhatsApp and Facebook themselves both implement the feature in the message feature, so when we have read the incoming message, the sender will know it. However, what if we want to see the message in secret? The method is quite easy! Curious? See here immediately, here's how to read WhatsApp and FB messages in secret.

How to Read Facebook and WhatsApp Messages Secretly

First of all, you can download and install the 'Unseen - No Last Seen' application through the Google Play Store.
After the application has been successfully installed, then you can go directly into the application and select which per-order application you want to set to be read in secret. So, you can choose Facebook and WhatsApp, but you can still open two other applications in secret as desired.

Easy Way Without Being Found! Read Messages Facebook and WhatsApp Secretly! 2

If you have determined the application, then you can continue by clicking 'Enable Accessibility' and select 'Allow' to activate the features in the application.
Once activated, the application will automatically get access to your notifications. That way, incoming messages from either WhatsApp or Facebook (Messenger) will automatically enter the Unseen application. To be confidential, you can read the message through the Unseen application.
Well, that's how to read Facebook and WhatsApp messages in secret that you can try to apply easily using additional applications. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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