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How to fix iPhone 6 Doesn't Want to Turn On.

How to fix iPhone 6 Doesn't Want to Turn On..User complaints: My iPhone 6 just won't turn on, "I tried to hold the power button for more than 2 minutes, I even tried charging my cellphone for 3 hours and it still doesn't exist. I have prepared many articles online but nothing is right - can really help me present the iPhone. Please help "

This is a problem that continues to emerge with the iPhone 6. One of the problems is the iPhone 6 screen doesn't want to live. In this case the screen does not turn on at all and the user only gets a black screen as if the phone is turned off.

So what can be done when you face such a problem? In this article we will provide you with a detailed solution for the iPhone 6 that will not turn on.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesn't want to turn on. 1

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iPhone 6 Won’t Turn

Make sre: Checklist

Check if the phone has enough power

The first thing you have to do is check that the cellphone is sufficiently charged so it can turn on. So connect your cellphone to a power source and leave it for at least 15-20 minutes. Now that you have charged the phone for 15-20 minutes, try turning on the device normally to check whether the device can start now. If yes then it's just a normal battery problem but if not then just continue with our guide.

Connect your iPhone 6 to your computer

if the above method cannot turn on your iPhone 6 screen, then you need to try using your computer to fix the problem.

In this process you must connect your iPhone 6 to your computer using a USB cable.
After this, you must open the iTunes application on your computer.
There is a high probability that the iTunes application will automatically detect your cellphone.
If not, then you must return your phone. You can do a factory return or restore it to the previous date when the iPhone functioned properly using a saved backup. After this your iPhone 6 will start running as usual again.
Now if the iTunes application has detected your iPhone 6, then that's fine but what if it doesn't detect your iPhone?

If the iTunes application does not detect the phone then you must force iPhone 6 into recovery mode and then make a factory return.

To do the process mentioned above, just press and hold the Home button when you connect the USB cable to the phone. Just hold it until you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your mobile. After you see the screen, you can release the Home button.

If you don't make it to the Connect to iTunes screen at the first attempt, then you should continue to try it 3-4 times until you can finally connect to the iTunes screen.

After the screen is displayed on your mobile, you will be prompted for a message that iTunes has detected the phone in Recovery Mode and then you can use iTunes to restore your device.
Also note that when you restore in recovery mode all files on your device will be deleted so you must back up if you have several important files on the phone that you don't want to lose. You can back up your phone using iTunes and after doing that just restart the device.

Solution for iPhone 6 that cannot be turned on

Forced to Reset iPhone

if your iPhone 6 hangs and doesn't react when connected to a charger, a reset can fix the problem.

Press the power button and home page, and hold for a few seconds
If the iPhone 6 doesn't want to spin, try this again when it's being filled.
Fix iPhone Wifi problem

Enter Recovery mode

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer
2. Launch iTunes
3. Restart your iPhone when connected to your computer. Press and hold the sleep / wake button and       the Home button simultaneously. After the Apple logo appears, continue holding the button.               Release the button when the Recovery mode screen appears.

You will see two options: Restore or Update. Click Update. iTunes will install the latest version of iOS - this will not delete your data.

Handling successful problems for others

Try another power outlet.
Change the charging method. Instead of using a wall charger, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
Try another USB port.
Clean the charging port to remove dirt, dust or dust.
Make sure the USB cable is not damaged.
Try another USB cable.
Try another charger.
Why doesn't my iPhone 6 turn on?

Your iPhone won't live after water damage? or your iPhone won't live after iOS updates

Troubleshooting with you

Force restart - press and hold the sleep / wake button and the Home button simultaneously and hold for at least 10 seconds (sometimes 30 seconds) until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
If that doesn't work, use iTunes to restore your iPhone to factory settings.
If iTunes doesn't recognize your phone, enter it into recovery mode and then restore (described above).
Phone 6 Will Not Turn in the Advanced Way

Unplugging the battery, replacing the battery, and replacing the lighting flex cable can fix the problem. However, if you are not sure how to do these things, let the professionals fix the problem.

Unplug the battery
In some cases, the iPhone 6 cannot be turned on because there is a problem with the power logic board. You can try resetting by removing the battery. Unplug the battery and wait a while, then plug it in again. Now, try turning on your iPhone 6s.

That was the tutorial How to fix iPhone 6 doesn't want to turn on..
  Hopefully useful? thanks.

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